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Practice Areas

Colorado Estate Planning Attorneys And Probate Lawyers

The law office of Chayet & Danzo, LLC, is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses protect their assets and their loved ones. We have the resources and experience to assist with estate planning and asset protection, elder law and legacy planning, real estate and business law. Contact our Denver or Edwards law office to discuss representation in any of the following practice areas:

Estate Planning

We help clients protect their assets and plan for the future of their family and their business by preparing important estate planning instruments. These include Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, various types of Trusts, Medical Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills. Learn more about:

Elder Law

We assist elderly clients and their families with estate planning, end-of-life decisions, long-term care planning with public and private benefits, and funeral directives. Learn more about:

  • Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and Veterans’ Benefits: We help clients prepare for eligibility for these public benefits, and if denied benefits, we appeal through the administrative hearing process.
  • Guardianships and Conservatorships: We represent family members seeking to assist loved ones with personal care and financial decisions and, when requested, we provide such services. We also represent individuals objecting to protective proceeding and we act as Guardian ad Litem on behalf of seniors.

Special Needs Planning For Adults And Children

At Chayet & Danzo, LLC, the needs of the elderly, disabled, and at-risk in our community are a primary focus of our practice. We assist clients with disability and long-term care planning with public and private benefits. Learn more about:

Probate Law And Probate Litigation

We provide legal counsel and guidance to personal representatives, trustees, heirs, and beneficiaries of an estate during the normal course of Estate and Trust Administration. We also prosecute or defend our clients’ interests in Probate Litigation involving Will Contests or Fiduciary Litigation.

Co-Counsel Services

We work alongside personal injury lawyers and family law attorneys whose clients need assistance with long-term care planning due to injury or disability.

Additional Services

We provide additional legal services in the areas of:

Free consultation: We offer a free initial consultation with an elder law and estate planning attorney. Contact Chayet & Danzo, LLC, online or call 303-872-5980 to schedule an appointment. While we are located in Denver, we are willing to travel to meet you.

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