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Virtual reality arcade helps people with intellectual disability

According to the Virtual Reality Society, “virtual reality” is a “three-dimensional, [computer-generated] environment [that] can be explored and interacted with by a person.” VRS reports that virtual reality is usually created using a variety of technology like headsets, specialized gloves and treadmills.

A virtual reality arcade in Idaho called VR1 has found that its offerings not only attract serious gamers, but also provide enrichment to those with autism and other developmental disabilities. reports that they offer “exposure therapy” to customers with specific fears like those of spiders or heights as well as a variety of virtual experiences for children with autism.

Complicated family dynamics? Plan ahead to avoid sibling rivalry.

Often, siblings are in their 60s or 70s, but rivalries remain and may have only intensified over the years with career and financial success or lack thereof. From the time Mom or Dad needs more care, the disagreements can start.

Comprehensive estate planning and candid conversations can avoid some fights. For instance, if transferring assets while you are still alive, explain that the investments, gold coins or savings may be needed in the future to help pay for costs of long-term care. Including a “letter of wishes” in an estate plan can also be beneficial to address family issues, including sibling dynamics.

Early autism diagnoses on the rise

At Chayet & Danzo, LLC, we regularly advise and counsel parents of children with special needs, including autism. When a child is diagnosed with a developmental disability like autism, the parents should consult a lawyer experienced in legal issues related to people with disabilities.

Those issues may relate to life planning, estate planning, financial management, trusts, residential placement, guardianship and conservatorship, abuse prevention and legal remedies for abuse, health insurance, and long-term care insurance as well as public benefits like Supplemental Security Income and other Social Security-based benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, known as Health First Colorado in our state.

Federal deregulation, lower fines for nursing homes concerning

An important part of our practice at Chayet & Danzo, LLC, is to help to protect vulnerable Colorado seniors in nursing homes, assisted living and other kinds of long-term care facilities. To that end, we advocate for quality, safe health care services as well as the prevention of elder neglect and abuse of all kinds.

We counsel family members about signs of abuse or neglect and about legal remedies for elderly victims harmed or neglected in long-term care.

Autism awareness month: Conservatorship or power of attorney?

When an adult child or other loved one is on the spectrum who handles his or her finances The answer cannot be the same for each family or individual.

Generally, two legal approaches exist. In the first, the court may appoint a conservator to handle financial affairs. The second option is a financial power of attorney, but capacity may become an issue. A nuanced and tailored strategy should account for individual abilities. It is also crucial to have a plan as teenage children approach adulthood.

Study shows vulnerability of elders to scamming

In more news about the financial abuse of seniors, CNN just published an article about an important study linking early dementia and susceptibility to telephone scams. So even if your older loved one seems cognitively healthy and normally exercises good judgment, falling prey to a phone scam may be an important wake-up call.

While younger people may generally be more tech-savvy and aware of the kinds of scams that are trending, elders tend to not be in the loop. So, when someone calls claiming to be a grandson in jail on a Caribbean island needing bail money, or a computer pop-up says to call with your credit card number so the vicious attack on your computer files can be stopped, an older person may believe the story.

Financial adviser bilked over $2.3 million from senior clients

At our law firm, we focus on protecting senior citizens from abuse of all kinds through representation of vulnerable elders as well as family members or friends responsible for or concerned about their parents, grandparents or other elderly relatives or friends. Unfortunately, financial abuse of seniors is common, whether perpetrated by fiduciaries, caregivers, family members, strangers or professionals.

Attorney Marco Chayet serves as local public administrator

Colorado law establishes the court-appointed position of public administrator to act as a fiduciary in certain probate matters, usually when no one connected to the person or family involved is available or willing to serve. Attorney Marco Chayet has served as the public administrator in the Colorado 18th Judicial District since the court appointed him in 2014.

MIT and Colorado are centers of important Down syndrome research

As we recently discussed, March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day. The date has significance because people with Down syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21, instead of the usual two. Here in Colorado, the day was marked by an annual celebration at the state Capitol that included the governor and lieutenant governor.

Avoid 3 mistakes with Colorado pay-on-death (POD) accounts

Many accounts fall into the category of payable-on-death that generally transfer outside the probate process. POD options are common for checking and saving accounts and CDs. Transfer-on-death (TOD) provisions are common for 401(k)s, IRAs and other nonretirement brokerage accounts.

In Colorado, a 2013 law allowed account holders to specify proportionate distributions between two or more beneficiaries on POD accounts. The default, however, remains that without a written designation, each listed beneficiary receives an equal amount of the assets. As you can see, beneficiary designations can be powerful tools. But do not make the following mistakes.

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