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How do you maintain your estate plan

  • Leave a list for your family specifying location and explaining the following items:
    • Name, address, and phone numbers of your clergyman/rabbi, attorney
    • Will, trust, living will, and power(s) of attorney
    • Birth and marriage certificates
    • Records of business and investment interests
    • Contracts (including installment purchase agreements)
    • Account numbers for checking, savings, and credit union accounts
    • Social Security, IRA, and pension plan numbers, and the administrator or contact person, accountant/tax preparer, physician(s), stockbroker, and insurance agent(s)
    • Burial or cremation preferences
    • Safe deposit box and key, checkbooks/passbooks
    • Registration and proof of ownership for vehicles
    • Real estate deeds, title policies, closing statements, mortgages, record of debts besides normal monthly bills
    • Income tax returns
    • Mortgage payments, tax receipts and leases
    • Stock certificates and bonds (plus records of cost and date of purchase)
    • Records of loans, credit cards, and charge accounts, record of divorce, veteran service and discharge records
    • Insurance policies – life, medical, health, disability, property, auto, mortgage
    • Receipts of appraisals of valuables

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