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Today’s a good day to craft a digital estate plan

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Estate Planning |

It isn’t often when individuals wake up and think, “Today’s a good day to complete some paperwork.” Yet, it remains critically important to engage in certain tasks that may not be fun or enjoyable. For example, the thought of crafting an estate plan is enough to make many people pull their covers back over their heads. But, by making this effort, an adult of any age can rest easier the following night and every other night after.

Why is estate planning – including digital estate planning – so consequential that it can inspire such profound peace of mind? The act of estate planning helps to ensure that one’s wishes are clearly articulated and are legally enforceable. Meaning, when one has a viable estate plan in place, that individual’s legacy is secure. 

Why digital estate planning is so important

Most people understand the importance of basic estate planning – including the drafting of a will, naming a power of attorney and clarifying one’s wishes via an advance healthcare directive – the critical importance of digital estate planning is less understood. 

Digital estate planning allows someone to clarify how they want their digital assets, password-protected accounts and broader digital legacy to be managed in the event of their death or incapacity. If you take a minute to think about everything you do online and whether you’d want your parents, spouse or kids to view and manage all of your accounts, the consequential nature of this process can become clear quite quickly.

If you aren’t sure of how to start digital estate planning, you aren’t alone. This area of law is very new. Thankfully, you can seek out legal guidance at any time to begin clarifying your wishes.