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Not all wills are created equal

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Creating a will is pointless if a court will not uphold it. Each state has different laws regarding  what they consider a valid will.

What conditions must I meet for a will to hold up in Colorado?

For your will to be valid in Colorado, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old when you make it.
  • You must sign and date it.
  • You must get either one public notary or two other individuals to witness it.
  • You cannot use a witness who is also a beneficiary.

Handwritten wills, also known as holographic wills, are acceptable in Colorado as long as they’re created according to the rules.

A failure to comply with the conditions will render your document invalid. Your estate could then be subject to distribution according to state laws. These might not align with your wishes, so it is best to create your will correctly.

Is an online will valid in Colorado?

Colorado will recognize a will created online as long as you sign it and have it witnessed as required. However, these online templates may not cover everything you need. Considering how important a will is, it is typically best to seek legal help to create one. The cost to your family will be much greater if a court decides your will is invalid or if omissions or errors lead to legal disputes between beneficiaries or heirs.

Remember, a will is just one piece of an estate plan. Our estate planning FAQs page can help you learn more about the elements of a comprehensive estate plan.