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On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Estate Administration & Probate |

In its simplest form, estate planning is all about your family. The plan is to draw up conclusive and definitive rules that dictate how all of the assets you have accumulated over your life will be passed on to your family members and loved ones. It’s so simple! But, obviously it isn’t. A lot goes into planning your nest egg and how that nest egg is handled upon your death.

You will want to utilize wills, and likely trusts, to not only outline the process by which your assets are handed over to your beneficiaries, but to protect those assets from certain taxes and costs that are often associated with probate. Updating this plan over time will also be crucial, as big life events occur and changes in your relationships with family members may happen.

Given the delicate and important nature of all of this, it is imperative that you discuss things with an experienced estate planning attorney — and & is exactly that. We have a full range of estate planning services that we offer to our clients, as we help individuals and families deal with the complex world of estate planning.

But advising people in regards to their estate plan isn’t the only service we offer. We can help people with guardianships and conservatorships. We can help people with special needs trusts and long-term health care planning. And we can ensure that your power of attorney and health care provisions are compliant and proper to protect you, your family and your legacy.