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Guardianship is an important legal tool for protecting individuals who cannot make decisions for themselves due to incapacity. Seeking to put this safeguard in place for a loved one here in Colorado is both legally and emotionally complex. However, you do not have to face these challenges alone. You can have trusted Denver guardianship lawyers by your side through every step of the process.

At Chayet & Danzo, LLC, our team provides compassionate, dedicated and experienced representation in guardianship matters. Our attorneys combine legal talent with a heartfelt commitment to supporting clients through difficult times. We are here to give you the dependable guidance you deserve.

Why Set Up A Guardianship?

Injuries, illnesses or the effects of aging could leave a loved one unable to care for themselves and make informed decisions. When this happens, major concerns for their health, safety and overall well-being naturally arise. Establishing a guardianship can provide a route for you to address these concerns and protect your loved one. Becoming a guardian puts you in charge of your loved one’s health and welfare. This allows you to advocate for their best interests when they cannot. Our Denver guardianship lawyers can assist you in determining if seeking to become a guardian is the right way to pursue your goals of keeping your loved one safe and protected. Learn more about Guardianships here.

Why Choose Our Denver Guardianship Lawyers?

Seeking to have a court establish guardianship for a loved one requires navigating complex rules, deadlines, processes and issues in Denver County court. So, you want a team with a deep knowledge of elder law and a profound understanding of the emotional and practical needs of families when it comes to guardianship matters. That is what you get when you come to Chayet & Danzo, LLC.

Our attorneys are deeply involved in drafting legislation, teaching and writing about guardianship and related issues. Attorney Marco D. Chayet, a former commissioner for the Colorado Office of Public Guardianship, is recognized as a leading thinker in this field. When you select our Denver guardianship lawyers, they will use all of their knowledge, experience, resources and skills to help you with every part of the process.

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