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2 ways to start an estate planning discussion with your parents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Not all parents choose to talk over end-of-life and estate matters with their adult children. It might make them uncomfortable or anxious, so they never broach the topic.

As people age, their medical needs might change, or they may begin experiencing the physical and mental effects of aging. A conversation about estate planning tells you what you need to know and ensures your parents have proper protection.

1. Make it about yourself at first

One way to encourage your parents to talk about estate planning is by discussing your own life. You might say you want to add additional documents to your estate plan and were wondering what tools they have implemented. This approach often helps elders feel at ease, and they may be more forthcoming.

2. Express your concerns about them

Sometimes, letting aging parents know you are worried about them physically or financially is an effective way to draw them into a conversation. They will likely want to ease your mind and might be willing to discuss their will and other documents to help you feel better.

Why is open and honest discussion important?

Do you know where your parents keep their will and other vital documents? Have they ever told you about the kind of medical treatments they want as they age?

Most adult children have no idea if their parents have something as simple as a will, let alone where they could find it. A candid discussion prompts your folks to share such information and empowers you to help them preserve their assets and healthcare wishes.

Remember, each state has unique estate planning laws. Strengthen your and your parents’ plan by ensuring it complies with Colorado law.