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Have you fully planned for your disabled child’s future?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2021 | Special Needs Trusts |

It is the natural order of life that parents predecease their children. But if you are a parent with one or more of your children intellectually or physically disabled and dependent on others for their basic needs to be met, you dread the future for them once you are gone.

That’s why the time to lay the groundwork for your disabled child’s future is now, especially if they are already 18 or older.

Explore all your financial options

You can structure a trust that can include the family home for your child’s use and that also allows them access to whatever government benefits they are qualified to receive. When it comes to Medicaid and Medicare and their strict requirements, this can really make a huge difference in the quality of their lives.

Don’t assume other family members will step up

You may think that a sibling will take your adult child in after you pass away, but never assume it or try to guilt them into accepting what they perceive to be a burden. Remember, these siblings are aging, too, and may not have the resources or abilities to provide a safe environment for their disabled brother or sister.

Research care options

Your disabled adult child may not be capable of living alone even with supports. They may need to be moved to a group home or a 24-hour care facility. Start looking into these now so you will be able to arrange for their later placement in the best facility to meet their evolving needs once you are gone via your estate plan. There may be additional options you haven’t even considered.