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Technology-support enhancements for people with disabilities

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Guardianships & Conservatorships |

Many of our clients are family members or guardians of people of any age with a variety of disabilities. Especially in this challenging time, the use of technology and virtual learning can provide education, communication and entertainment opportunities for children and adults with disabilities. Family members and guardians sometimes face challenges in setting up, learning and facilitating technology to benefit their loved ones and supported persons with disabilities.

For example, if a child’s onsite special education services have been interrupted, their parent or guardian may need to set up the technology needed to receive remote instruction. The same may be true for an adult receiving vocational services.

For people with disabilities living in the community or in group homes or other residential settings, a computer or tablet can provide communication opportunities during this time of isolation. Video conferencing allows those with disabilities to talk to and see loved ones and friends, which can be of particular importance to some people with special needs.

Fortunately, for people with disabilities, their relatives, friends, guardians and others trying to set up technology using Apple products, the company has created a specialized support team dedicated to the needs of those with disabilities, including accessibility features, an Accessibility Support web page and helpful videos. These efforts are synced with Accessibility Awareness Month in May.

(People can reach the special support team through Apple Care online via chat and phone.)

According to Disability Scoop, Apple is also offering “one-on-one virtual coaching sessions” for teachers and their students with disabilities to help with online teaching and learning. In its app store, Apple is featuring helpful programs that are of interest to those with disabilities.

Hats off to technology accessibility that enhances the lives of those with disabilities.