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December 2013 Archives

Children of Casey Kasem reach settlement with stepmother

Famous radio DJ and voice actor Casey Kasem has been bedridden in the hospital, and his children have had to battle their stepmom in order to visit him. However, the family dispute that has been ongoing since this summer has recently come to an end for the most part. Kasem's wife - the stepmother to his three children - had allegedly stopped all of the children's visitation privileges. When one of the children requested legal control of Kasem's health care, the 59-year-old wife retorted with court papers stating that if the children visited their father, the visits would be unpleasant and intolerable.

New Colorado facility to provide seniors with well-rounded care

A senior citizen health care patient can sometimes end up getting referred to several different professionals in several different locations. For example, a senior's primary physician may recommend that the patient see a nutritionist, get physical therapy, receive counseling or possibly even get a psychological assessment. This can result in a stressful situation for both the caregiver and the senior citizen who is just trying to stay healthy. Making appointments at different clinics and following different physicians' orders can be overwhelming when health care coordination help is not provided. In fact, research shows that patients who receive referrals only follow through with them 10 percent of the time.

Testimony provides insight into Robert Cohen's intentions

In a case that is garnering national attention, a granddaughter is battling her uncle for her inheritance from the late Hudson News founder Robert Cohen. The granddaughter alleges that her uncle, Robert Cohen's son, exerted undue influence over his father while the elder Cohen was sick. In the last months of his life, Robert Cohen had a neurological disease that left him unable to communicate clearly. The granddaughter argues that her uncle convinced the sickly man to give him part of the business, which eventually sold for over $800 million. She also states that her uncle manipulated Robert Cohen into adjusting his will and essentially eliminating her large inheritance.

Beneficiary designations must be updated after big life changes

A well-established estate plan clearly defines the beneficiaries who will be receiving your assets when you pass away. Beneficiaries are named for assets such as mutual funds, IRAs, retirement plans, life insurance documents, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, 529 plans and annuities. A mistake that some Colorado residents end up making involves failing to update designated beneficiaries when circumstances change. For example, if you get a divorce but never remove your ex-spouse as a beneficiary, some of your assets could end up going to your ex regardless of what's stated in your will.

Colorado attorney stands up to bank in trust fund dispute

An attorney from Aspen has filed a lawsuit against Swiss bank UBS for using unethical tactics while attempting to undermine contact between him and a client. The client happens to be a beneficiary with a trust fund worth millions of dollars. The attorney is claiming that UBS knew his client was dissatisfied with how the bank was handling the trust fund, and that UBS tried to sever ties between the attorney and the client in order to continue profiting from the management of the trust.

Getting a power of attorney to prevent senior citizen tax scams

Tax scams that target senior citizens are unfortunately becoming more rampant. It's estimated that seniors in the U.S. have been tricked out of around $1 billion due to one simple scheme that originated in Jamaica. Here's how it works: a caller contacts a senior citizen and informs them that they've won a lottery or other expensive prize, such as a car. In order to collect their winnings, however, the senior must pay the taxes on the prize first.

Planning for a loved one's medical crisis ahead of time

As the end of the year approaches, Colorado families will be starting to plan family get-togethers to celebrate the holidays. While certain conversation topics may be off-limits during these types of gatherings, family celebrations may actually be one of the best times to have a discussion that's likely uncomfortable but absolutely necessary - planning for when a sick or aging loved one can no longer make decisions for themselves. It's crucial to have this discussion before a crisis arises in order to prevent unnecessary pain and confusion.

Report reveals lax regulations in assisted living facilities

Making the decision to move an aging or disabled loved one into an assisted living facility is never easy. Factors such as the quality of care, the experience of the staff, the condition of the premises and the proximity to hospitals or urgent care facilities must all be considered. Families in Colorado and across the U.S. might assume that finding the right facility will be the most important aspect in a loved one's long term care planning. However, according to a recent report from ProPublica and Frontline, families have much more to worry about once their loved one actually becomes a resident.

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